What to do in Rimini

Some of the questions our guests ask us most often are:

  • What to see in Rimini
  • What to visit in and around Rimini
  • What to do in Rimini if it rains
  • What to do in Rimini in the evening
  • What to do in Rimini with children

It’s easy to answer, there are so many things to do and see in and around Rimini.

Here is a summary of the main ones, but I would like to stress that they are only a very small part.

What to see in Rimini

In first place, without a shadow of a doubt, is the historic centre. After a quick visit to the monuments you can visit the following places:

  • Museum of the town of Rimini
  • Galli Theatre, after the restoration it is magnificent
  • Cinema Fulgor, yes, the cinema is worth a visit
  • The Surgeon’s House, it is attached to the museum and you can’t miss it.
  • Borgo San Giuliano, the ancient fishermen’s village with its beautiful alleys and low houses

What to visit in and around Rimini

After visiting the historic centre of Rimini now it is the time to explore the hinterland. 

  • Repubblica San Marino, well known but always beautiful
  • Verucchio and its Villanovian museum
  • San Leo and the fortress where the Count of Cagliostro met his death
  • Talamello, where you can taste the Ambra di Talamello, a precious fossa cheese.
  • Mondaino where, if you are lucky, you can watch the Palio del Daino.
  • Sogliano sul Rubicone a village famous for the quality of its Fossa cheese
  • Sant’Agata Feltria appreciated for its truffles
  • Montebello and the legend of the ghost of Azzurrina
  • Pennabilli the town of Tonino Guerra and the Museum of Calculus and Mathematics
  • Novafeltria with its old mills and the Sulphur museum
  • Casteldelci famous for the path of Dante
  • San Patrignano where you can buy the best local products 
  • Montefiore Conca with its fortress and its medieval warrior ghost
  • Gradara and the castle of the tragic love between Paolo and Francesca
  • Pietrarubbia a medieval village in the Marche

What to do in Rimini if it rains 

If you have encountered a rainy day, don’t panic, in Rimini there is a solution for everything.

  • Santarcangelo di Romagna where you can visit the caves
  • Le Befane Shopping Centre where you can spend a whole day shopping
  • Cattolica Aquarium where you can spend a day among hundreds of coloured fish
  • Milano Marittima where you can visit the House of Butterflies

What to do in Rimini in the evening

In the evening in Rimini you have many things to do. Here are some solutions:

  • Aperitifs in the cellars of the old fish market (Vecchia Pescheria) in the old town centre
  • Aperitif at Rock Island on the tip of the pier
  • Piadina at Bar Ilde in Covignano
  • A walk through Borgo San Giuliano and dinner in one of the restaurants in the village
  • For the youngest, one of Rimini’s discos
  • For the less young, a bit of ballroom dancing at 007
  • Evening shopping on Viale Regina Elena
  • Evening shopping during Fridays in the old town centre
  • Cinema at the Le Befane Multiplex
  • Dinner in some restaurant or farmhouse in the hinterland

What to do in Rimini with children 

Rimini is a hospitable land, so there are plenty of interesting things to do for children.

  • Animation on the beach, the beach that has an agreement with the hotel offers many activities for children.
  • Fiabilandia the park for children in Rivazzurra di Rimini
  • Italia in Miniatura in Viserba di Rimini
  • Oltremare in Riccione
  • Cattolica Aquarium
  • Mirabilandia for older children
  • BoaBay, the floating park opposite the hotel
  • Bicycle routes, in Rimini and in the hinterland there are many safe bicycle paths
  • Sasso Simone and Simoncello Interregional Park for excursions on foot, horseback or mountain bike.

To stay in Rimini

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